A few FAQs

 Why Travel with Seed of the Soul?

Do you yearn for change? Are you ready to heal your life experiences that have left you questioning everything and feeling as if there is a void that needs to be filled?

Each and every one of us has endured some form of trauma or pain. The way in which we confront and work through our pain is unique to each individual.

The total point of our existence are the experiences we get to have on this physical journey of life. There is a knowing that there is so much more that connects us to the blueprint of our universe through energy and that if we learn and understand how to harness these vibrational frequencies, we can heal ourselves on all levels of our being through to a cellular level.

As we travel to sacred sites around the world, and work with the sequences and codes imbedded within its matrix, the healing we can expect is quite profound.

It is time to reawaken to your purpose and reignite your passion for life.

How can you help me through travel?

I am Emily, here to help, support and inspire you to explore and embrace your transformational journey – a magical, alchemical process that will reignite your passion, reawaken you to your life purpose and reconnect you back onto your soul's path.

What are the main destinations?

At this stage, Egypt and Jordan, Peru and Bolivia and in time Mexico.

I hope to add a few more exciting places to this list 

What are your qualifications?

I am an integrated healer, author, researcher, alchemist, teacher and lifelong student of all things energy. My background is in nursing. I assist others to align with energetic frequencies that empower them to create change on all levels of their being. I have learnt how to work with universal energy of both the seen and unseen to assist the release of old and outdated belief systems .

Bachelor of Nursing (Degree)
Reiki I, II, IIIA
Certificate in Advanced Crystal Healing
Intuitive/Energetic Healing Practitioner
Crystal Light Healing Practitioner and Teacher
Pellowah Practitioner 


Alchemist L.A.B. - Liquid Alchemy in a Bottle

Teacher of energy, frequency and vibration with a love for sacred geometry and crystals.

Emily Kisvarda
Founder and Owner of Phoenix Gateway and Seed of the Soul

Emily Kisvarda

Founder and Owner of Phoenix Gateway and Seed of the Soul